Grillage and seafastening design

H2Offshore Engineering B.V. is a specialist in grillage and seafastening designs!

Limiting fabrication costs, saving time during the offshore installation phase, an optimum use of the cargo barge or heavy transport vessel capacity, and a safe seafastening removal procedure are our goals during the grillage and seafastening design process. We ensure that our efficient grillage and seafastening designs will meet the design environmental conditions and Marine Warranty Surveyor rules and regulations, resulting in a safe transport of valuable assets to every location in the world.

Recent projects

Please check out some of our recent projects where we were responsible for the grillage and seafastening design: Alba B3 Compression Platform (West Africa), the BorWin Beta Offshore Wind Farm (German Bight) and the PEMEX Ayatsil (Bay of Campeche, Mexico).

If required we will use the structural analysis software SACS and finite element analysis software FEMAP to check and optimise the design.


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