Project Borssele Alpha
Client Seaway Heavy Lifting
Location Dutch Continental Shelf
Year 2017
Scope Jacket Grillage and Sea fastening design
Borssele Alpha

Borssele Alpha

Seaway Heavy Lifting has been awarded a contract for the transportation and installation of the Borssele Alpha platform. H2Offshore Engineering B.V. provided  the Jacket upper grillage and sea fastening design of the Borssele Alpha 700 MW  HVAC Offshore Sub-Station (OSS). The Borssele Alpha Jacket  has been successfully installed by the HLV Oleg Strashnov in August 2018. 

The Borssele Alpha project, to be followed by the Borssele Beta project, are the first large-scale grid connections to be constructed under the National Energy Agreement for offshore wind farms in the Netherlands.